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Art Museum Web Application Development

Client: Bellefonte Art Museum

Industry: Museum

The Bellefonte Art Museum showcases and sells works by local artists and provides enrichment by showing art from around the world as well as art from their own community.

The museum not only needed a complete redesign of their website that was becoming dated. They also needed a complete new system to keep track of their artist memberships.

Main Features of this project

The museum has about 200 members and they wanted each member to be able to create an account on the museum website. The account enables artists to upload pictures of their work, write descriptions of their art and publish important details like artist statement and contact information.

To become member of the museum, an artist needs to submit a certain number of photographs of their art. The photographs are then evaluated by the museum board and the artist membership is either accepted or declined.

All artists are displayed in an Artist Registry listing.
Each artist can upload and exhibit several images of their own work.

Artist approval system

Museum staff keeps track of artists submissions, whether they be photos or text changes, and approve or reject them before they become public.

Admins get notified each time an artist upload an image or changes copy in ther profile, providing a secure way to monitor all the changes to the website before they become public.

Admins can manage all aspects of the artist account.
Admins can approve or reject artist submissions.

Donation center

Like many other cultural institutions, the Bellefonte Museum offers many levels of membership and ways to donate. The web application lets visitors easily choose their membership level and donate through Paypal.

Donation page for the museum, with direct link to Paypal.

Exhibits and Events

The museum staff can quickly create exhibits and events from the Admin management section on the website.
Admins can create events, edit them, upload images, and perform other operations on them.

Many events and exhibits can be created by Admin staff.
Each event has its own detail page.

Technologies Used

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