Discover PA Six

Positioning the PA Six region of North Central Pennsylvania as a quality place to work, live, and discover.

Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions of North Central Pennsylvania asked us to develop a website for a new initiative dedicated to promoting six counties in North Central Pennsylvania for their work opportunities, quality of life, and variety of outdoor activities.

Workforce Solutions main goal with this project was to highlight the little known opportunities present in the six counties, and invite people across the United States to learn more about the area and eventually visit, and move here.

The Discover PA Six home page.

Branding the region

The first step was to give a unifying brand identity to the region.

Working with the client we developed a brand name (PA Six), a logo, and the identity system, including fonts and color palette for the initiative.
The identity was developed not only for the site, but also for other type of marketing communications that would be developed in the future.

Discover PA Six new logo.

Main website sections

To make it easy for visitors to navigate the site, we structured the site into three main sections: work, live, and discover.

The "Work" section gives a detailed overview of work possibilities in the area by listing the main industries and the largest employers present. It also facilitates a connection with the state's Pennsylvania CareerLink website which lists available jobs in the counties.

The "Live" section gives an overview of each of the six counties, including details like education, hospitals, realtors, and other services in each county. Each county page has a slideshow with photos, showing landmarks and attractions. The photos were taken by local photographers and students.

The "Discover" section has links to several other organizations that provide information and services to the area.

The "Live in PA Six" section of the website.

The site integrates a series of videos that were specifically filmed for this project. The videos describe the area through interviews with new residents that have chosen PA Six as their new home for living or running a business.

Website promotion

To increase visitors to the site, a series of promotional initiatives were being developed offline and online.

One offline initiative was the design and printing of rack card brochures that were placed at different locations throughout the region with the goal of reaching visitors from out of state travelling through the six counties.

Rack cards to promote the website.

Other ways of promoting the site are through the use of SEO, performance, and accessibility optimization techniques that make the site highly effective in search engine ranking and placement.

SEO, performance, and accessibility scores measured by the Google Lighthouse tool.

We also helped the client develop a social media promotion plan that consists in periodically making posts on the main social media platforms visited by the type of audience that PA Six is targeting.

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