David Parrott, approached us with the idea of creating a website for his new business: Green Barn Workshop, a publishing house focusing on subjects like history, science fiction, travel, and culture in general.

The business idea was brand new. Green Barn Workshop only had a name and a mission, but no other marketing materials yet, so we were tasked to produce, in addition to the website, the whole visual identity for the business, including logo, colors, and imagery.

Photography and videography for the new business were handled by a separate company, and seamless integrated into the new website design.

The website goal is to function as a marketing hub to promote Green Barn Workshop's books, newsletter, and Youtube channel.

Green Barn Workshop home page


The main focus of the site are David's books which are displayed prominently in the book section.

Each book shows its cover art, a description, and a direct link to the book page on Amazon.com where visitors can purchase it.

Green Barn Workshop books page

Project videos

In addition to the books, Green Barn Workshop periodically produces how-to videos on several subjects of interest to their audience.

The videos feature woodworking, repair, and maintenance projects and are hosted on Youtube. Thumbnails and descriptions are displayed in the dedicated section of the website and updated periodically as new videos come out.

Green Barn Workshop projects page

Promotional newsletter

The main way for Green Barn Workshop to keep in touch with their audience is a newsletter hosted on Substack.

The sign up link is displayed prominently on each page of the website, reminding visitors to subscribe.

Green Barn Workshop newsletter page

Once all the assets were ready, the project was delivered in a few weeks.
The site is a static website, which means that content is delivered quickly by a CDN (content delivery network), with fast download time for good performance in search engine placement.