Ruby on Rails
September 16, 2023

How to build a static markdown blog in Ruby on Rails

This is how I built a blog for my website powered by plain markdown files served from the `public` directory of a Rails application.

Strategy Google Analytics
September 10, 2023

How to measure the performance of your website

As a business owner, do you find yourself struggling to measure the performance of your website and track its conversion rates effectively? Here's how.

Google Analytics
July 26, 2023

How many visitors did your website have last month?

How to track the number of your website's monthly visitors so you can understand your audience better and make informed decisions for your business.

Google Analytics
July 24, 2023

Sending custom event parameters in GA4

Did you know you can send custom parameters along with events generated by your Google Analytics 4 setup? Learn how to in this article.

Google Analytics
July 17, 2023

Recommended events in Google Analytics

Google Analytics by default implements different types of events, grouped into three categories. Let's have a quick look at recommended events.

July 09, 2023

What is a gap analysis for a business website?

Over time, our business and website goals tend to diverge in unexpected ways. Let's pause for a moment, analyze, and fix the gap between them.

Google Analytics
June 26, 2023

What is a web property in Google Analytics?

In the context of Google Analytics we often hear the term `web property`. This article explains exactly what a `web property` is.

Strategy Google Analytics
May 22, 2023

How to filter out your IP address from Google Analytics

As a website owner, you will make frequent visits to your own website. Learn how to filter out internal traffic from Analytics reports with this step-by-step article.

How to
May 19, 2023

How to reply to social media comments

Replying to comments on social media can be tricky. Make sure you are doing it properly to avoid misunderstandings and to leave a positive impression.

Social Media
May 03, 2023

What is social media marketing?

Social media is an effective way for business owners to promote their products and services, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions and sales.

Strategy SEO
May 01, 2023

How to increase traffic to your business website using SEO

Learn how to use five effective Search Engine Optimization strategies to improve your website's ranking with Google.

April 21, 2023

How to generate profit from your business website

Many organizations think of their business website as little more than an online brochure. A better way is to view your website as a profit center.