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Mary & Ferrari was founded in 2003 by Mary and Cesare Ferrari to offer design and web development services to start-ups, established companies, and organizations of any size, in Pennsylvania and around the world.

Our business has two main objectives: help our clients grow their business and provide a high level of professional services.

Mary Ferrari
Cesare Ferrari

Our clients

We want our clients to be successful and achieve a substantial return from their investment in their web development project.
Below is a selection of our clients and a brief description of work we have done for them.

Triangle Suspension Systems, Du Bois, PA Online catalog development and maintenance
Dufast Transit, Du Bois, PA Transportation website development and maintenance
Staar Logistics LLC, Reynoldsville, PA Logistics website development
321 Blink, Pittsburgh, PA Website development and maintenance contracting work
Simply Skin, Clarion, PA Marketing website
Jefferson Manor, Brookville, PA Marketing website
Cutting Edge Bullets, Drifting, PA Machining business website development and maintenance
Segers Industrial Radiator, Morrisdale, PA Industrial radiators website development

What we are doing now

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Our services

We offer custom web design and web application development to businesses of any size. Our focus is on doing good work and providing value to all our clients.
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Our focus is on doing good work and providing great value.
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