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We offer custom web design and web application development to businesses of any size. Our focus is on doing good work and providing value to all our clients.

When you become our client, we strive to help you achieve your goals.
We see goals as stepping stones on the journey to making a business more valuable and successful over time.
That's why before starting a new project we take the time to make sure our goals are well defined and aligned.
You want to be successful and we want to help you achieve success by creating value for you with the project we develop together.


Discovery Phase

Before taking on a project we go through a thorough discovery phase to establish the project goals and to verify that we are a good fit. We will sit down with you to discuss your organization, your uniqueness, your desires and your objectives as they pertain to this project.

We want to learn early on what real problem you need to solve and the goals you want to achieve. We do this by asking a lot of questions and digging deep into the problem. We need to understand the value you see in reaching your goals, so we can make informed, rational decisions about the best solution to provide. We also need to know the content required to execute the project because the nature and disposition of the content influence the work and have significant bearing on how we proceed.

Our focus is on the project’s value all the time. At every step we ask ourselves if what we are doing will lead to greater value for you. If it won’t, we won’t be able to take on the project.

We strive to make the project a good investment for the client.

Before taking on a project we want to make sure we can create good value for you. That's why we take time to go through an initial discovery phase. We explore with you the scope of the project and determine if it is a good investment.

If we believe the solution is not in your best interest, or doesn’t create enough value for you, we decline to accept the work. Once we are sure the project will provide value, we provide you with a quote before proceeding with the work.

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Web Design

We create a professional design that's completely customized to your needs and supports your purpose and goals. We pride ourselves on creating websites that are easy to navigate so your visitors will quickly and easily find the content they are interested in.

Most people this days access websites from multiple devices, desktop computers, laptops, phones, or tablets. We will make sure your website looks good on any device, no matter what the screen size is.
Your website will be responsive to the device it's viewed on, adapt and reflow based on screen size, for an optimal experience, better SEO ranking and more effective conversions.

Web Development

We have been working on website development since 2001 and know the ins and outs of web development languages and frameworks. We keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies by taking specialization courses offered by leading institutions.

If a project requires competence that is outside of our area of expertise, we can team up with specialists in different areas, such as copywriters, SEO experts, graphic designers, advertising agencies, etc.


Clear communication is essential to making the project run smoothly. In general, we prefer to communicate via email, unless there are reasons to have a call or an in-person meeting.
Email is preferable because it keeps a written record of the communication which helps avoid assumptions and misunderstandings and keeps everyone involved on the same page.


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