Workforce Solutions is a business-led regional board serving as the fiscal agent for federal, state and local funding to Workforce Development Programs in North Central Pennsylvania.

Their previous website had become difficult to manage, due to the large quantity and complexity of documents and new information accumulated on the site, over the years.

Whole sections of the website had become confusing for their customers, and needed a reorganization.

We redesigned the Workforce Solutions website to make it cleaner and more streamlined, keeping it user-friendly, fast to update, and more performant overall.

The client identified five main objectives for the site improvement:

Communicate their brand values

We used colors, imagery, and layouts to tie in the website to the existing Workforce Solutions brand image, reinforcing an image of professionalism, friendliness and service to the community that has been cultivated through the years.

The new home page quickly presents the various sections of the website to the visitor, and facilitates access to deep content.

Workforce Solutions home page

Improve website usability for visitors

We made the new website easier to navigate by reorganizing information into six main categories targeted to the main site audiences.

Each category collects a number of pages inside of it, but, unlike other similar websites, each page can also appear in other categories, so users can find information more easily.

Improve usability for the team

The Admin area of the old website didn't support the flexibility required to manage all content, especially when documents needed to be updated frequently.

To make updates easier we came up with an admin dashboard where the site administrators can view and make changes to the various sections of the website, upload documents, add events, and quickly upload meeting documents.

The new admin dashboard resulted in substantial time savings for the client's team.

Improve site performance

The previous website was built on older technologies that were hardly keeping up with the new features supported by more modern browsers.

We updated the back-end of the site, and improved the front-end to make the site faster and fully responsive to mobile devices.

The site is fully responsive to small screen devices like phones and tablets.

Facilitate viewing of meeting documents for the Board Members

Workforce Solutions Board Members need to periodically access a private section of the website where they can view the meeting schedules.

The new site allows them to log into their private dashboard and easily download and print documents in PDF format.

Board members have a customized and protected meeting dashboard.

The new website launched in October 2022.